Declare an Invasion and Repel the Invaders

As grassroots activists continue to push the issue of declaring the invasion, do-nothing politicians have already begun to adopt the language while refusing to act on real solutions. Texas deserves better. Declaring the invasion isn’t enough, we need leaders with the fortitude and will to deploy the troops necessary and direct them to actually repel the invasion, no matter the cost.

Illegal aliens and the narcoterrorist cartels that bring them across the Texas Border cost our taxpayers billions of dollars, contribute to the decline and displacement of the traditional American nation and culture, and widely bring drugs, violence, and crime into Texas. We cannot possibly assimilate millions of illegal aliens per year, and future generations of Texans will pay for our inaction. Texas must act before our state is ripped apart and our children are left with a fragmented country in its place.

Finish the Texas Wall

To stop the invasion, we must first complete the barrier to stop the flow. We can’t stop building until the wall spans the entire Texas-Mexico border. Building the wall is not difficult, and can be done the same way all infrastructure is built in Texas. Ultimately it will save state taxpayers billions of dollars by stopping the flow of illegal immigration into Texas.

We believe this should be a top priority of the existing state budget. There is absolutely no reason we should be spending Texans tax dollars on corporate handouts and welfare programs for illegal aliens while also forcing them to pay more of their hard-earned dollars to build the wall.

Play Hard Ball with Mexico

Using state law enforcement, we can shut down all the ports of entry to commercial traffic in one day, and keep them closed until Mexico comes to the negotiating table and begins to cooperate to stop the invasion. We must bring commercial traffic to a near halt by creating checkpoints just past the federal checkpoints.

These state-based checkpoints will strictly enforce all state laws and regulations and will cause massive economic pain to the nation of Mexico. Most illegal aliens crossing the border are not Mexicans, but are being allowed by Mexico to be trafficked through their nation, by cartels, and ushered into Texas. For the sake of the Mexican economy, which is largely dependent on commercial access to Texas, the Mexican government must cooperate with Texas to stop the invasion.

End Taxpayer Handouts to Illegal Aliens

Billions of dollars are taken out of hardworking Texan’s wallets every year and put towards schooling, scholarships, housing, and medical care for illegal aliens. These magnets only incentivize them to continue to come and stay in Texas.

Protect Texas Public Schools

Lawmakers must prioritize identifying exactly how many children in each school are illegal so that every community knows exactly how much of their property tax bill is paying to educate illegal aliens. We also must make it clear that if the federal government wants to try to force Texas to educate every illegal in Texas then we will make them pay for it.

Mandate E-Verify

We must protect Texas jobs. We will make the process easy, streamlined, and cost-efficient for all employers in the state of Texas to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work within the United States. Mandatory implementation of the E-Verify system will help Texan workers.

Hold Washington Accountable

Texas must aggressively go after the federal government for billions in unfunded mandates for Texas. We must take the federal government to court to ensure that our state is reimbursed the billions of dollars our citizens have been forced to pay due to the federal government’s failure to secure the border and enforce immigration laws.

End Birthright Citizenship

Illegal aliens who have disregarded our most basic laws and do not deserve the benefits of our Constitution. We are incentivizing illegal immigration by allowing foreign nationals – who have no allegiance to our nation – to get free citizenship for their children.The 14th Amendment was never intended to permit birth tourism and immediate citizenship for children of foreign nationals and we should push the courts to reverse this devastating judicial activism from the 20th century.

Tax Remittances

Texas should tax remittances sent by foreign nationals to their home country. They are taking advantage of our prosperous nation to fund the economy of another country. Our nation and our state are not mere economic zones for the enrichment of foreign nationals and Big Business.

End Chain Migration

We should reform immigration law to stop the extension of immigration allowances for any foreigners outside of a legal immigrant’s nuclear family. Two-thirds of legal immigration is from chain migration, where an immigrant gets a pass to bring anyone he wants into the country. Family immigration should only be granted to the nuclear family of legal immigrants so that immigration policies can focus more on merit.

Limit Legal Immigration and Base it on Merit

Nearly every other country in the world sets a very high bar of merit for those seeking to immigrate. The purpose of legal immigration should be in pursuit of our nation’s vital interests, not only to benefit the immigrants themselves. Considering the challenges of assimilating the sheer volume of immigrants entering the country (legally and illegally) since the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965, a net immigration moratorium should be on the table.

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