2023 Legislative Priorities

Help us in our fight to Secure the Texas Border by emailing these priorities to your State Representative and State Senator Today!

Start your email by stating your name, note that you are a constituent, let them know about our priorities and their importance, and make sure to attach a PDF of Texans for Strong Borders priority packet by using the following email format:


Dear Representative/Senator (their name),

My name is (your name) and I live in House District/Senate District (number). I believe the financial, moral, and criminal harms this open border has caused have become unbearable and unprecedented. Texas can and must take action this session to reverse this harsh reality.

Border Security is not only popular, but a necessity to any sovereign nation.

This is why I SUPPORT Texans for Strong Borders Legislative Priorities they have laid out for this 88th Legislative Session. Texans for Strong Borders has been working closely with those most impacted by the border crisis as well as a team of policy analysts to craft what I believe is the most assertive and complete policy platform to do what the federal government has failed to do, repel the invasion and secure the border once and for all.

This platform (attached) includes all NINE of Texans for Strong Borders legislative priorities, model legislation for each priority, and a brief description plus background on each point. 

Texans for Strong Borders and myself look forward to working with you to put the safety and prosperity of Texans First. If you have any questions please call or email their President, Chris Russo, or check out Texans for Strong Borders website at: 

(713) 582-8440 – [email protected] – strongborders.org

Do right and risk the consequences – Sam Houston


(Your name)


Don’t know your State Representative or State Senator?

You can use this link to find out: https://wrm.capitol.texas.gov/home

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