Faces of illegal Crime

10/1/2021 – Houston, Texas

A Sudanese Illegal Alien drove a car into three pedestrians and killed them. Suspect was evading police. Victims were 18, 22, 23 – Fnan Measho, Eric Orduna, Nick Rodriguez.

Source – City of Houston, Daily Mail

The victims:

9/24/2020 – Houston, Texas

Illegal alien beats pregnant woman to death. Her ‚Äč8-year-old son reported it to police. Ashley M. Garcia was 27.

Source – Oxygen, People

The victim:

4/1/2020 – San Marcos, Texas

Illegal alien killed 1 police officer, wounded 2 others in ambush shooting. Police officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call and were shot at. Officers Justin Putnam (killed at 31), Franco Stewart, and Justin Mueller. Illegal killed himself on the scene.

The victims:

1/23/2022 – Houston, Texas

El Salvadoran Illegal alien and fugitive of 25 years kills police officer with a rifle during a traffic stop. Constable Charles Galloway was 47.

The victim:

10/24/2021 – Frisco, Texas

Illegal alien charged with deadly DUI kills passenger in crash. Suspect crashed an SUV into a light pole near the intersection of US 380 and Coit Road, Upon impact, his passenger was ejected from the vehicle. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was soon pronounced dead. Erick Gonzalez was 21.

12/11/2021 – Mission, Texas

Human smuggler charged with killing mother and daughter in car accident while transporting illegal aliens. Suspect was transporting 6 illegal aliens in his vehicle.

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