Harris County Public Health: Free Vaccines, No Citizenship Required!

In a recent poll, it was shown that a plurality of Harris County voters view Border Security as their top issue

It is no secret that we need to build a legal barrier to entry into America for those who wish to come to America illegally just as much as a physical barrier.

Therefore, under no circumstances should citizens of a nation be forced to subsidize the livelihood of those who have no legal right to reside in the United States. Billions of dollars are wasted on providing non-citizens with free resources that most Texans have to pay for themselves.

The State of Texas provides illegals with tons of subsidies including but not limited to free education, free meals, and free housing. 

Additionally, Texans are being forced to foot the bill by subsidizing illegal aliens residing here through state Emergency Medicaid programs, public hospital districts, CHIP, and other assistance programs . 

As if that wasn’t enough to encourage criminal invaders from entering our country, Harris County Public Health is providing free vaccinations to illegal aliens. 

Meanwhile, if citizens wished to get the same healthcare as illegals they would have to pay for them. 

Texans are already struggling to get by in Biden’s economy, with rising costs for rent, mortgages, gas, and even grocery bills. 

We should never provide free healthcare to non-citizens on the dime of hardworking Americans. 

It is time to put Texans first.

We must end any and all magnets which encourage illegal aliens to leech off of taxpayers. 

Texans for Strong Borders is vehemently against any and all magnets and will work to stop the practice of encouraging illegals to invade Texas. 

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