Blue States are Acting, Texas can Fight Back

Recent developments in states like Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Minnesota exacerbate the invasion of the U.S. The Southern Border underscores the urgent need for Texas to take a stand and protect its citizens.

In Arizona, the removal of shipping containers, which took place as newly elected Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs assumed office, marks a step backward. These containers once served as a wall at the border, and their removal is a setback to the state’s progress in constructing a prolonged and effective barrier intended to deter would-be illegal immigrants at every turn. In other blue states like California, the state has adopted policies that limit the use of E-Verify and supports illegal hiring practices, undermining efforts to maintain a legal and secure workforce.

A Senate plan in Massachusetts proposes granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens, prioritizing the political and financial interests of the few over those of the U.S. citizens. Illinois plans to allocate a staggering $1 billion of taxpayer funds to provide healthcare for illegal aliens, burdening hard working citizens and placing illegal aliens ahead of American families. Minnesota passed a law granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens touting it as “driver’s licenses for all”, further eroding the relationship of citizens versus that of the alien.

Illegal aliens in Texas may not have access to the wide array of healthcare options that they do in Illinois, or driver’s licenses like they do in Minnesota but they do have access to the following:

  • Jobs
  • In-State Tuition
  • Free Public Education
  • Property
  • Healthcare

If we want to make Texas the least desirable state for illegal immigration and contrast the policies of blue states we must mandate E-Verify for all businesses, public and private, end the practice of giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens (Texas became the first state to do so in 2001), challenge the supreme court on giving free public education to illegal aliens, outlaw illegal aliens access to owning property or receiving healthcare in our state, and of course finish the Texas border wall.

We need a legal and physical barrier to end illegal immigration into our state and our lawmakers must represent us by enacting both!

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