Border Security Bills are Stuck as Deadline Looms

Things have really picked up in the last few weeks of session. We’re finally seeing some bills that would protect our state against illegal immigration and secure the border, but time is short. The following legislation has had a change of passage but needs help getting over the finish line:

Repel the Invasion: HB 20, HB 1600, SCR 23, and SCR 29

Mandate E-Verify: SB 1621

Finish Trump’s Wall: SB 1481

More: HB 5000 – Classifies operating a child-care facility for minors who are in the state illegally as a state jail felony

Texas does not have the option to wait until 2025 to secure Republican majorities in Congress and the White House with the hopes that they might take action. We must act now by taking unprecedented steps to constitutionally declare and repel the invasion at our border, classifying trespass from a foreign country into Texas as a felony, cutting off the jobs magnets by mandating E-Verify, streamlining the process of land acquisition to build the Texas border wall, and going after international NGOs taking advantage of minors and the open Texas border.

Texans for Strong Borders needs your help to get these bills across the finish line. Each has received a committee hearing and most have passed out of committee. The deadline for the Texas house to pass house bills is Thursday, May 11th–less than a week away. Sine Die is less than a month away on May 29th.

Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them you strongly support these pieces of legislation! 

Note: HB 20 is our highest priority as an organization and SB 1621 is our highest priority Senate bill.

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