Crucial Border Security Legislation is Sitting Idle in Both Chambers

We have and will continue to hold the belief that Texas does not only need a physical barrier OR a legal barrier to illegal immigration, it needs both.

SB 1481 and SB 1621, finishing the Texas border wall and mandating e-verify for ALL are currently sitting on the Senate’s intent calendar, waiting to be taken up by the Senate for a record vote of the body.

SCR 23, a resolution declaring an invasion, has been voted out of the Senate with wide bipartisan support and referred to a committee in the House. However, the House Committee on State Affairs has yet scheduled its hearing. 

Sine Die, the last day of session, takes place on May 29th. As it stands, these bills have less than three weeks to be passed.

Our legislators need to take decisive action to secure the border now. We cannot wait until 2025 to address this crisis.

This has been your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Thank you for reading, Patriot.

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