FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Texans for Strong Borders Condemns Speaker Phelan’s Failures on Border Security

Houston, TX, May 26, 2023 — Today, Texans for Strong Borders condemns the actions of Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan as he prioritizes personal agendas over crucial border security legislation.

While the Texas border crisis worsens, Phelan’s misguided focus shows he is not serious about his commitment to securing our border. The failure of the Texas Legislature, particularly the Texas House, to address key border security measures has created the alarming prospect of going another session without substantively addressing the most crucial issue facing our state.

In Texas, illegal aliens are freely entering our state, claiming ownership of property, exploiting employment opportunities, enrolling in public schools, and receiving in-state tuition benefits, all while the Texas government shamefully neglects its duty to protect citizens.

This negligence is made evident through the rejection of critical border security measures, including: 

  • Texas Border Protection Unit (HB 20)
  • Declaration of Invasion (SCR 23) 
  • Make Illegal Entry a State Jail Felony (SB 2424)
  • End In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens (HB 3280) 
  • Ban Foreign Land/Resource Ownership (SB 147)                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Texans for Strong Borders President Chris Russo issued the following statement:

“Speaker Dade Phelan should immediately revert his attention to addressing the border crisis and advancing legislation that will repel border crossings and remove illegal aliens entering the state. It is past time for him to prioritize the welfare of Texans above the narrow political interests of a select few. Phelan started this session by appointing Open Borders Democrats to eight committee chairmanships and is ending it by letting them run a politically charged attack in the Texas House. If he doesn’t act soon, he will be complicit in this border crisis.

While the Open Borders Biden administration neglects and undermines border security, Texas must step up and fill the gap. However, due to the House’s failure to prioritize these crucial measures, the Texas border remains wide open, porous, and susceptible to rampant human and drug smuggling, gravely endangering the lives and well-being of Texans. Dade Phelan’s recent actions divert attention away from this urgent crisis, and instead focus on attacking his political opponents, making a complete mockery of the Texas House.”

About Texans for Strong Borders

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