When Does It Stop?

“El Paso, Texas – where a historic flood of migrants has turned the city into what a local politician says resembles “a third-world country.”1

Cities all across the United States are experiencing an unprecedented flood of illegal aliens. “Since September 1st, the El Paso Sector has averaged 1,300 encounters per day.”2 This is NOT sustainable.

Martha’s Vineyard could not even handle 50 illegal aliens and yet cities across this nation are supposed to take in thousands, no questions asked? “Martha’s Vineyard activated the National Guard in response, and released a statement calling the situation a “humanitarian crisis.” The 50 migrants were ultimately loaded onto buses two days after arriving and transported off Martha’s Vineyard to military housing on the Cape Cod mainland.”3

As the flood of illegal aliens carries on, prominent democrat politicians continue to gaslight and insult our intelligence. “Vice President Kamala Harris twice declared the U.S. southern border is ‘secure’ during an interview, despite the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who routinely cross into the country every month.”4

This week, Governor Greg Abbott announced an executive order to designate criminal cartel and gang members that traffic fentanyl as terrorists and asked the White House to designate fentanyl traffickers as terrorist organizations. “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott penned a letter to state agency leaders directing them to ‘ramp up’ their effort to tackle the state’s fentanyl crisis while taking aim at the Biden administration’s border policies.”5

If the fentanyl crisis and surge of illegal aliens are so bad, why didn’t Gov. Abbott go all the way and declare an invasion? If the criminal cartels are terrorist organizations, we have terrorists smuggling their affiliates and drugs across the border in unprecedented numbers—what other word could describe it? The crisis at our southern border has surpassed a boiling point and is currently spilling over deep into the interior of our country. “There have been more than 4.4 million encounters since President Biden took office, including more than 2 million encounters this fiscal year.”6 The only hope we have of regaining control of our border, is to shut it down and formally declare an invasion. Next step is to apply an immigration moratorium so that we can evaluate the problem on our hands. Finally, we need to deport all illegal aliens back to their countries of origin.

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