Strong Borders wins the Night – 2024 Texas Republican Primary Recap

On Tuesday, March 5th, Texas Republican Primary voters went to the polls all over the state to decide who will represent them in November. In light of the failures of the 88th Session and the decision by Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton, there were more competitive primary challenges for establishment Republicans than any time in recent memory.

The night began with the landslide victory of Strong Borders-endorsed presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, who bested Nikki Haley with 77.9% of the vote. By the end of the night, it was clear that Texas voters had seen enough of the dysfunctional leadership of the political establishment. In the Texas House alone, 9 incumbents lost outright to primary challengers and 8 more were pushed to a runoff election, including Phelan.

In a monumental upset in House District 21 (Dade Phelan’s home district), challenger David Covey came in first place with 46.3% of the vote, trailed by Phelan at 43.2% and Alicia Davis at 10.5%. Covey will face off against Phelan again on May 28th in what will be one of the most watched races throughout the state. It is imperative that HD 21 residents make sure to vote in the runoff election, as Phelan’s defeat would send an unequivocal message that would resound throughout the halls of the Capitol in Austin: if you work with Democrats to kill border security legislation, you will soon find yourself out of office.

In another upset, RINO Tony Gonzales (TX 23) was forced into a runoff against firearms manufacturer and content creator Brandon Herrera. Voters in the district clearly took notice of Gonzales’ record as the worst member of the Texas GOP Congressional delegation on border security and his censure by the Republican Party of Texas.

Texans for Strong Borders Priorities Win the Day

Texans for Strong Borders has spent the last 18 months educating voters on the policy measures that will help end the invasion at the Texas Border and providing resources to lawmakers to make these policies a reality. During the months leading up to the election, we reached out to candidates and asked them to sign our Strong Borders Policy pledge. Many of those same candidates will be voting on legislation in the next session of Congress or in the 89th Texas Legislature.

On election day, Texans for Strong Borders PAC engaged voters directly in four key races around the state, informing voters about the records of incumbent Texas House members Ernest Bailes (HD 18), Glenn Rogers (HD 60), Reggie Smith (HD 62), and Kronda Thimesch (HD 65). In all four races, these incumbents lost outright to primary challengers who are objectively stronger on border issues: Janis Holt, Mike Olcott, Shelley Luther, and Mitch Little.

Texans for Strong Borders-endorsed candidates Brandon Gill (TX 26) and John P. Devine ( TX Supreme Court Plc 4) also won their elections.

On the five ballot propositions relating to Texans for Strong Borders legislative priorities, the outcomes were even more lopsided:

  • Prop 2: Creation of a Border Protection Unit/Repel the Invasion – 90.63%
  • Prop 3: Mandatory E-Verify for All Employers – 89.96%
  • Prop 4: End Taxpayer Subsidies/Services to Illegal Aliens – 87.71%
  • Prop 5: No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens – 83.39%
  • Prop 13: Protecting Texas Land – 95.28%

These propositions provide a clear mandate to policymakers who win in November. Texans have had enough of politicians who pledge toughness on their websites and on the campaign trail, only to capitulate once they assume office.

Primary Winners who Signed the Strong Borders Policy Pledge:

U.S. Congress

Ronny Jackson (TX 23)
Troy Nehls (TX 22)
Brandon Gill (TX 26)

Texas House of Representatives

Brent Money (HD 2)
Matt Morgan (HD 26)
Mike Olcott (HD 60)
Shelley Luther (HD 62)

Candidates in the Runoff who Signed the Policy Pledge:

Trey Wharton (HD 12)
AJ Louderback (HD 30)
Katrina Pierson (HD 33)
Alan Schoolcraft (HD 44)
Keresa Richardson (HD 61)
Andy Hopper (HD 64)
Davie Lowe (HD 91)
Cheryl Bean (HD 97)

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