Biden Administration’s Radical Wokeness: Sacrificing National Security for Political Correctness at the Border

In a display of left-wing extremism, the Biden administration has taken its woke agenda to unprecedented levels within federal immigration enforcement, putting political correctness ahead of the safety and security of the American people. The latest directive not only encourages but mandates law enforcement and border security teams to focus on left-wing linguistics rather than addressing the real and urgent threats facing our nation.

The administration’s memo asks that officials refrain from misgendering anyone, a stunning show of how disconnected their priorities are from the American People. In the memo, immigration officials are discouraged from referring to being LGBTQ as a choice or lifestyle and are also prohibited from making jokes about an illegal alien’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s clear that this administration is more concerned with upholding the tenets of campus leftism than its core mission to secure our borders.

Pronoun use is now micromanaged, with officials forbidden from using he, him, she, or her pronouns until they have gathered more information about each individual. Instead of focusing on genuine security concerns, border enforcement is burdened with the task of asking each person about their preferred gender pronouns to avoid any accidental misgendering.

In the event of a misgendering incident, officials are required to recite a pre-approved apology: “My apologies, Thank you for the clarification.” This scripted response reflects the administration’s misplaced priorities, demonstrating a greater concern for political correctness than for the well-being of the American people.

Texans, in particular, have become victims of the Biden administration’s reckless policies. The once-proud southern border has transformed into a glaring vulnerability, showcasing the administration’s failure to prioritize the safety of American citizens. The Biden administration’s approach to border security is nothing short of disastrous, and policies like this only add insult to injury.

As the southern border crisis continues to worsen, the lack of focus and urgency from the Biden administration is deeply troubling. The mismanagement of critical issues raises questions about whether the government is more interested in virtue signaling to a radical minority than in addressing the genuine threats to national security.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s radical prioritization of political correctness over border security is a clear betrayal of the American people. The time has come for a reassessment of priorities and a return to a focus on the fundamental duty of any government—to protect its citizens from real and immediate threats.

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