FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Texans for Strong Borders Calls on the Chairman and Members of the House Higher Education Committee to Pass HB 3280 — Ending In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens

Houston, TX, April 28, 2023 — With the deadline to pass bills into law looming in the Texas Legislature, HB 3280, ending in-state tuition for illegal aliens is on track to be killed by the Republican Chairman of the House Higher Education Committee, Rep. John Kuempel, without even receiving as much as a public hearing.

HB 3280 by State Rep. Terri Leo-Wilson (R-Galveston) would nullify the effects of a 2001 Texas law, wherein Texas became the first state to allow illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition. Despite Rep. Leo-Wilson’s request for a hearing as early as March, members of the committee have declined to sign onto the bill.

Texans for Strong Borders President Chris Russo issued the following statement:

“According to a new study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the State of Texas spends nearly $460 million annually on in-state tuition subsidies to illegal aliens who have no right to reside or work in Texas. This is a massive expenditure for Texas taxpayers and it undermines the core mission of Texas institutions of higher education: equipping Texans with the skills and knowledge needed to build the Texas of the future. Nearly 60,000 slots that should be accessible to Texas citizens are instead being occupied by illegal aliens.”

Russo further added:

“Republican primary voters overwhelmingly support this legislation, yet Republican Chairman John Kuempel has refused to move this vital bill, ignoring requests dating back to March. If House Republicans are serious about fighting illegal immigration, GOP members on the House Higher Education Committee must quickly move this bill out of committee to give time for its passage into law this session. It’s simple: U.S. residents outside of our state don’t receive in-state tuition because they’re not Texans, illegal aliens shouldn’t either.”


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