Weekly Newsletter – April 28th

Welcome to your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Here’s everything you need to know about the fight to end illegal immigration in Texas:

Texas House Committee Takes No Action on Ending In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens

The Texas House Committee has had almost two months to hear and pass HB 3280 by Rep. Terri Leo-Wilson (R-Galveston), ending in-state tuition for illegal aliens. In the past, hopeful Republican lawmakers ran on this very issue. After their election, however, their campaign promises often fade, and almost a decade later a bill still hasn’t crossed the finish line.

In 2001, under then-Governor Rick Perry, Texas became the first state to legalize in-state tuition for illegal aliens. HB 3280 is a strong response to this decades old decision by fully repealing the law which has done so much fiscal harm to every Texan, as subsidizing the higher education of illegal aliens in the state costs upwards of $460 million per year.

The question we keep asking ourselves is, if U.S. citizens from Texas border states like Arkansas or Oklahoma do not get in-state tuition by default in Texas, why do illegal aliens?

Earlier today, Texans for Strong Borders issued a press release remarking on the fact that the Texas House Committee on Higher Education has so far balked on taking up this winning fight against illegal immigration.

Texas House Unanimously Approves Bill Allowing Non-Citizens to Become Peace Officers in Texas

Recently, the state of California passed legislation which then went to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk to be signed. The intent and design of this legislation was simple in its contents: allow non-citizens to become police officers in the state of California.

In response, TFSB made several statements pointing out the threat to California’s sovereignty these measures cause. Of course these statements were made preemptively, with the desisting thought that Texas legislators may one day look to one of the most pro-illegal immigration states, California, for legislative ideas. Unfortunately, our representatives have already brought this nightmare to fruition.

Last week we told you that Rep. Ryan Guillen (R-Rio Grande City) had not only scheduled three bills that would accomplish the same as California’s bill, but passed all three out of committee.

Well today it got worse…

The entirety of the Texas House, by a unanimous vote, voted to allow non-citizens who have served in the military to become peace officers in the state of Texas by passing HB 278. While this may sound innocuous, it must be emphasized that there is a substantive difference between fighting external foes of the United States and being placed in situations involving lethal force against U.S. citizens. This is a question of sovereignty and ultimately, citizenship matters when questions of the law and its enforcement are involved.

As The End of Title 42 Nears, Biden Administration Continues To Circumvent The Law

Yesterday, the Biden Administration announced plans to open several U.S.-run migrant processing centers in Latin America, the first two in Guatemala and Colombia. They are in ongoing talks and negotiations with other Latin American countries to open more.

International partners of the United States, including components of the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration, will process migrants at centers to determine eligibility for entry before attempting to cross the southern US border. If “qualified”, these soon-to-be illegal aliens will be directed towards unconstitutional parole programs. NGOs will then do their due diligence to provide the illegals with the means to understand the U.S. and how to take advantage of our vast welfare state and social safety net. 

This announcement comes just two weeks prior to the end of Title 42, one of the last remaining effective policies in place under this administration, which has led to over 2 million expulsions. The US plans to  start screening at least 5,000 to 6,000 aliens per month at the new processing centers, according to Mayorkas.

These increasingly lawless actions from D.C. only continue to drive the point that Austin needs to act and fight back right now. 

We cannot wait until 2025.

Texans for Strong Borders will continue to work until Sine Die to hold legislators accountable and report the facts to you, the activists and concerned citizens of Texas.

This has been your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Thank you for your support, Patriot.

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