Illegal Encounter Surge with 308k Illegal Alien Encounters in November Alone

On the Friday evening before Christmas, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released the November nationwide border encounter data, further revealing the magnitude of the invasion at our southern border. A staggering 308,000 illegal alien encounters were documented in just one month, equivalent to over half the population of the entire state of Wyoming.

November’s statistics mark the fourth consecutive month with over 300,000 illegal alien encounters, highlighting the relentless wave of individuals crossing our borders unlawfully. Since August, over 1.2 million people have infiltrated the country—a number surpassing the entire population of Montana. And this doesn’t even count the gotaways!

The severity of this invasion is escalating, and the ominous trend continues into December. It’s crucial to address this pressing issue with urgency and determination.

Escalating Crisis:

The rise in illegal alien encounters is alarming and paints a vivid picture of a crisis that shows no signs of abating. The situation demands a swift and comprehensive response from those committed to safeguarding the integrity of our borders.

Mass Deportation: A Necessary Solution:

When a new President enters the Oval Office in 2025, law and order must be restored. The only viable solution is to swiftly and decisively deport the millions who have entered the country unlawfully. This action is not only necessary for national security but also for the well-being of American citizens.


As we confront this unprecedented challenge, it is crucial to recognize the severity of the situation and take decisive action. Our political leaders must be held accountable at the polls, and they must hear from their constituents who suffer due to the invasion at our border. The data released by the DHS serves as a reminder that our nation’s security is at stake, and the time to act is now. It is our right and our duty to protect the borders and sovereignty of the United States.

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