Mexican Authorities Potentially Involved in Illegal Border Crossings

It has been brought to light that hundreds of illegal aliens are not just crossing but aggressively storming our southern border every day, revealing a meticulously organized effort orchestrated by shadowy forces.

Embedded with a massive group navigating under the cover of darkness through Piedras Negras, Mexico, to the Rio Grande, Border Hawk correspondent Efraín González uncovered a disturbing truth. These migrants are not hapless wanderers. They are provided with GPS coordinates, enabling them to gather at specific locations and execute their crossings en masse.

The question of who is behind this orchestrated chaos remains unanswered, but some migrants have pointed fingers at Mexican authorities, suggesting their potential involvement in this nefarious scheme.

González reported that they followed a large group of illegal aliens through the night, and they were angered that the Mexican authorities guided them through a deep section of the river, knowing full well that they were carrying children with them.

Even more concerning is that many of these individuals lack any knowledge of the terrain and crossing points. Yet, with the aid of GPS technology, they can pinpoint the exact location where razor wire was strategically raised by forklift tractors in October, exposing a level of coordination that defies the narrative of spontaneous migration.

A report from Todd Bensman from May of this year indicates that DHS is also in communications with the illegal aliens and their transporters to tell illegal aliens when to cross. When agents were ready to process more illegal aliens they would send an encrypted message using WhatsApp to signal that they were ready for more. This alleged collusion with Mexican immigration authorities to facilitate the breaching of our borders is a betrayal of the core mission of the Department and warrants immediate action from Congress and the State of Texas.

The surge in GPS-guided mass crossings into Eagle Pass reached an alarming crescendo in November, serving as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by the Biden administration’s intentional undermining of federal immigration law.

We must sound the alarm on the shadowy figures orchestrating these brazen border breaches. The potential involvement of Mexican authorities raises red flags about the complicity of neighboring nations in fueling and facilitating the ongoing crisis at our southern border. We must staunchly advocate for fortified border security measures, and expose and dismantle the sinister forces behind this coordinated invasion that threatens the fabric of our nation. It is high time we prioritize the interests and safety of American citizens over the interests of those who disregard our laws and sovereignty.

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