Newsletter – January 20th

Accountability is Coming

During election season Republicans all across the country ran on securing the border and holding those in charge of this crisis accountable. This past week, James Comer (R-KY), Chairman of the newly assembled House Committee on Oversight and Accountability became a HAWK when it came to finding answers, seeking transparency, and exposing those at fault for what Comer described as the “failure to resolve the worst border crisis in American history.” Rep. Comer even went as far as sending two distinct letters to Secretary Mayokras just in the last couple of days regarding the border crisis at-large as well as President Joe Biden’s recent visit to El Paso and the “sanitization” by authorities. Both of Rep. Comer’s letters requested a plethora of documents, namely statistics that have largely been withheld from the public regarding border crossings, gotaways, seizure rate of fentanyl, Border Patrol staffing numbers like retention rates, and recruitments. These letters also requested documentation and communications relating to “the use of non-governmental organizations in facilitating releases of recent illegal border crossers from DHS custody”, cooperation between the city of El Paso and Federal agencies in regards to homeless encampments occupied by illegal aliens but MOST IMPORTANTLY any communication between any Texas state agency specifically Texas DPS and the Department of Homeland Security concerning action taken to clean up the streets in preparation for Biden’s mere visit that quickly turned itself into an over staged photo-op.

The questions we should be asking ourselves is this:

Why would a Congressional Investigative Committee be requesting documents from a Federal Agency in relation to their correspondence with the state of Texas?

Did Texas Law Enforcement aid this Administration in cleaning up their mess?

We shall see.

Much of this goes without mentioning that the work done by Matt Gaetz and other Patriots at the beginning of this month to put pressure on his colleagues to gain this kind of aggression was invaluable!

Texas House Rep. Authors the ‘Texas Title 42 Act’

Brian Harrison, a former Chief of Staff for the Department of Health and Human Services during the Trump administration and now a Republican State Representative hailing from Waxahachie has authored HB 1491 or as he touts it the “Texas Title 42 Act” which would effectively give the state of Texas and its’ law enforcement the power to deport, repel, and suspend entry of illegal aliens into the Texas and the country at-large so long as the COVID-19 disaster declaration continues to be in effect. Enacting Title 42 into the Texas Health and Safety Code. Representative Harrison’s press release regarding this matter can be viewed HERE and HB 1491 can be viewed HERE.

If passed this legislation would not only be the first of its kind to but it would be a game-changer in the immigration fight happening at the state level.

ICYMI: On Wednesday Texans for Strong Borders called on Governor Abbott to make Border Security and Emergency Item in a press release that can be viewed HERE.

Simply put, The federal government has not secured the border, and they will not Secure our Border! It’s time for someone who has promised since 2014 to secure the border to do so NOW!

Call or send a letter to Governor Abbott’s Office TODAY and tell him to make a Border Security and Emergency Item.

P.O. Box 12428                     (512) 463-2000

Austin Texas 78711

This week President Chris Russo spoke to the Williamson County Chapter of the True Texas Project about the importance of Section I Article 10 and how it is our most constitutional protective safeguard for Texas to STOP THE BORDER CRISIS and REPEL THE INVASION. 

Russo also talked about Texans for Strong Borders priorities for this 88th Texas Legislative Session including the need to Mandate E-verify, End In-state Tuition for Illegal Aliens, and Protecting Texas Public Schools from the whims of the Open Borders Cartel.

This weekend Russo will be speaking at the “Renewal at the Border” event in Eagle Pass, Texas along with Jaco Booyens, Patriot Mobile, and other Conservative activists to bring the heart of God amid the awful invasion gripping the town.

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