Not One Cent of the Legislative Budget Should Go to Illegal Aliens

Next Thursday, the Texas House of Representatives will meet to pass the state budget, but this is only where the fight begins. 

Last session, the Senate was responsible for making the budget for the state. In terms of making their best attempt to stop illegal immigration into the state of Texas, they clearly failed. 

While there were amendments to the budget that would have gone very far in regards to border security and turning off the magnets that attract illegal aliens to Texas in the first place, they were all killed. 

For example, this amendment by Representative Tinderholt would have ended state handouts to illegal aliens via certain government grants. You can see Representative Slaton’s attempt to provide funding for the “Donald J. Trump” border wall here and his amendment to put a stop to giving illegals money that was originally allocated under the guise of COVID-19 relief funds delegated by the Federal Government. 

If passed, each of these amendments would have met our legislative priorities for this session to end handouts to illegal aliens and finish President Trump’s wall.

TFSB implores legislators in the House and Senate to amend the budget in the same nature and attempt go even farther by authoring amendments that include the following measures:

Finish President Trump’s Wall

Appropriating the funds necessary to finish the Texas border wall and designating all excess monies cover the cost of removing and repelling illegal aliens in Texas or from entering Texas.

End Handouts to Illegal Aliens

Ensuring no funds from the budget have a chance of ending up in the hands of illegal aliens by requiring all applicants for state funded programs, projects, resources, etc. apply through the S.A.V.E. program.

Make English the Official Language of Texas

Striking any appropriations that include the public posting of any language other than English or the promotion and cultivation of any language other than English.

Tax Remittances to Foreign Nations

Create a way in which money transmissions out of the United States from Texas can be taxed at a ten percent rate.

Meanwhile House Bill 1, this 88th legislative session’s budget bill, appropriates a whopping $4.6 billion to Operation Lone Star, a program that has failed to repel or remove one illegal alien from the state of Texas. 

We need Texas legislators to stand up for the best interests of Texans by funding border programs that work and ensuring that our money is being stewarded well.

Texans for Strong Borders urges lawmakers to allocate meaningful and effective resources to tackle the border crisis. 

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