English Language Unity Act Introduced in Congress

Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio just introduced the English Language Unity Act to require most Government business to be done in English. Additionally, Rep. Bob Good of Virginia’s Fifth District filed a companion bill in the House of Representatives.

The bills would make English the official language of the United States. We are currently one of only thirty-three countries without an official language.

Vance detailed, “This commonsense legislation recognizes an inherent truth: English is the language of this country. That is why the overwhelming majority of the American people support this proposal.”

Good explained, “In the melting pot of the United States of America, our common English language promotes unity and fosters cultural integration. The English Language Unity Act is a common-sense measure that will strengthen America. It is also in the best interests of our legal immigrants, as proficiency in English helps them assimilate into our culture, succeed in the workplace, and reach their greatest potential.”

78% of Americans speak English at home and most states have made English their official language. 

Harry Scherer of American Conservative Magazine put it best in his piece released following the news of Vance’s bill being introduced titled “In America, We Speak English:”

“(United States) citizens are more interested in preserving their own portrait of America than permitting new arrivals to make it a blank canvas.”

English is already our language, now let’s make it official. 

Texans for Strong Borders fully supports Senator Vance and Representative Good’s dual efforts to make English, the language of our founding, the official language of the United States. 

Making English the official language of Texas was one of our legislative priorities this session. Unfortunately, no bills to that end were filed in either the Texas Senate or the Texas House. In spite of this missed opportunity, we will continue to fight to preserve our common tongue and our history.

For the common good and cultural unity of Texans and Americans, let’s make English the official language of our state and the nation.

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