Texas Public Schools are Reserved for Texans

In 1982, the Supreme Court with a liberal majority ruled that illegal aliens should receive free public education in the United states at the cost of taxpayers. 

Because of this unconstitutional ruling, one of the many misinterpretations of the 14th amendment, billions of dollars are taken out of hardworking Texans’ wallets every year and put towards schooling, scholarships, and other benefits for illegal aliens. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton estimates between $31 million and $63 million is spent each year to educate alien children. A recent study from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) puts the total cost of states (not including federal) providing a free public education to illegal aliens nationwide at $70.4 billion.  

According to the Education Research Center at the University of Texas, 65,000 illegal aliens graduate from our high schools each year.  

Clearly, Texas is being overrun by illegals who are attracted by these magnets. Promise of free education and other benefits at the expense of Texans harms taxpayers and entices aliens to enter the United States illegally. 

A recent poll composed of only Texas Republican Primary voters showed that 71% opposed their tax dollars being used to fund the free public education of illegal aliens in the Texas Public School system.

Enough is enough.

Lawmakers must prioritize identifying exactly how many children in each school are illegal so that every community knows exactly how much of their property tax bill is paying to educate illegal aliens. 

We also must make it clear that if the federal government wants to try to force Texas to educate every illegal in Texas, we will make them pay for it.

This is the exact idea of Senate Bill 923 by State Senator Drew Springer and House Bill 4668 by State Representative Ben Bumgarner. If either bill passes, Texas and its school districts would stop funding the public education of illegals and make the federal government foot the bill if they so choose.

Together we will ensure that no taxpayer will be required to pay for illegals to receive benefits only citizens should have access to. 

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