Weekly Newsletter – March 31st

Welcome to your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Here is everything you need to know about the fight to end illegal immigration into the state of Texas:

Not One Cent of the Legislative Budget Should Go to Illegal Aliens

Next Thursday, the Texas House of Representatives will meet to pass the state budget, but this is only where the fight begins. 

Last session, the Senate was responsible for making the budget for the state. In terms of making their best attempt to stop illegal immigration into the state of Texas, they clearly failed. 

While there were amendments to the budget that would have gone very far in regards to border security and turning off the magnets that attract illegal aliens to Texas in the first place, they were all killed. 

For example, this amendment by Representative Tinderholt would have ended state handouts to illegal aliens via certain government grants. You can see Representative Slaton’s attempt to provide funding for the “Donald J. Trump” border wall here and his amendment to put a stop to giving illegals money that was originally allocated under the guise of COVID-19 relief funds delegated by the Federal Government. 

If passed, each of these amendments would have..read the rest of this post on our website.

Texas Public Schools are Reserved for Texans

In 1982, the Supreme Court with a liberal majority ruled that illegal aliens should receive free public education in the United states at the cost of taxpayers. 

Because of this unconstitutional ruling, one of the many misinterpretations of the 14th amendment, billions of dollars are taken out of hardworking Texans’ wallets every year and put towards schooling, scholarships, and other benefits for illegal aliens. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton estimates between $31 million and $63 million is spent each year to educate alien children. A recent study from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) puts the total cost of states (not including federal) providing a free public education to illegal aliens nationwide at $70.4 billion.  

According to the Education Research Center at the University of Texas, 65,000 illegal aliens graduate from our high schools each year.  

Clearly, Texas is being overrun by illegals who are attracted by these magnets. Promise of free education and other benefits at the expense of Texans harms taxpayers and entices aliens to enter the United States illegally. 

A recent poll composed of only Texas Republican Primary voters showed…read the remainder of this article on our website.

English Language Unity Act Introduced in Congress

Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio just introduced the English Language Unity Act to require most Government business to be done in English. Additionally, Rep. Bob Good of Virginia’s Fifth District filed a companion bill in the House of Representatives.

The bills would make English the official language of the United States. We are currently one of only thirty-three countries without an official language.

Vance detailed, “This commonsense legislation recognizes an inherent truth: English is the language of this country. That is why the overwhelming majority of the American people support this proposal.”

Good explained, “In the melting pot of the United States of America, our common English language promotes unity and fosters cultural integration. The English Language Unity Act is a common-sense measure that will strengthen America. It is also in the best interests of our legal immigrants, as proficiency in English helps them assimilate into our culture, succeed in the workplace, and reach their greatest potential.”

78% of Americans speak English at home and most states have made English their official language. 

Harry Scherer of American Conservative Magazine put it best in his piece released following the news of Vance’s bill being introduced titled “In America, We Speak English:”

“(United States) citizens are more interested in preserving their own portrait of America than permitting new arrivals to make it a blank canvas.”

English is already our language, now let’s make it official. 

Texans for Strong Borders fully supports Senator Vance and Representative Good’s dual efforts to make English, the language of our founding, the official language of the United States. 

Making English the official language of Texas was one of our legislative priorities this session. Unfortunately, no bills to that end were filed in either the Texas Senate or the Texas House. In spite of this missed opportunity, we will continue to fight to preserve our common tongue and our history.

For the common good and cultural unity of Texans and Americans, let’s make English the official language of our state and the nation.

TFSB is on The Move

Yesterday, Texans for Strong Borders President Chris Russo spoke to the Rockwall County Young Republicans on a multitude of issues but the main theme being the need to operationally end illegal immigration in the state of Texas and that starts with the Texas legislature passing our legislative priorities. Together we, Texas Border Patriots, will accomplish these priorities and see the legal and cultural ecosystem in Texas start to put Texans first.

If you would like to have Russo speak to your organization please send an email to [email protected] with the date, time, location, and topic you would like him to address.

This has been your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Thank you for reading Patriot.

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