Texans for Strong Borders Recognizes Impending Threat to American Sovereignty and Security as Title 42 Expires


Texans for Strong Borders Recognizes Impending Threat to American Sovereignty and Security as Title 42 Expires

HOUSTON, TEXAS December 15, 2022 – On December 21st, Title 42 removals are set to cease due to a November 15th ruling out of District Court for the District of Columbia presided over by Emmet G. Sullivan, whose long-winding liberal record includes threatening to hold the former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt of court for deporting illegal aliens. 

The Title 42 public health order was issued by the Trump Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services in March of 2020 and allows customs officers to remove illegal aliens from Coronavirus Impacted Areas without processing them through the federal immigration system. Title 42 removals comprise approximately 40% of illegal aliens apprehended at the border since February 2021.

Texans for Strong Borders President Chris Russo issued the following statement:

“It is reprehensible that an activist judge is forcing the federal government to stop enforcing Title 42 while other pandemic measures remain in place throughout the country. Title 42 removals were the last effective tool that US CBP had to remove illegal aliens from the country. Without it, roughly double the number of illegal aliens will be released into the interior of the country, and this number will only increase as the narcoterrorist cartels and their NGO allies spread the word amongst would-be illegal border crossers. The Open Borders radicals in the Biden Administration continue to abuse prosecutorial discretion and parole authority while ignoring the suffering of American citizens and human trafficking victims.”

Russo further went on to say:

“We should listen to what the open borders activists are saying: the most effective wall was Title 42. It is clear that these groups opposed Title 42 because it worked. Now, DHS anticipates as many as 18,000 crossings every single day. But all hope is not lost—if border state governors are willing to place the safety and security of American citizens above the special interests, they can stem the tide of illegal immigration. Texans for Strong Borders and organizations like the Center for Renewing America have laid out a plan whereby Governors can use the U.S. Constitution to declare an invasion and thereby assume the authority to directly repel and intercept those attempting to cross the border illegally without turning them over to federal authorities. Governor Abbott must lead the way in this effort.”

The striking down of Title 42 will result in a worsening of the border crisis the likes of which we have never seen before. The case should be appealed to higher courts in light of this, but even if it is repealed, Texans are not left without hope. Border state governors like Greg Abbott can and must take unprecedented measures to combat an unprecedented crisis at our southern border.


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