Trump Was Right: We Must Secure our Border

“The worst elements in Mexico are being pushed into the United States by the Mexican government. The Border Patrol knows this.”1

President Donald J. Trump was right—he predicted the border crisis we are currently in under Biden. In the midst of this disaster at our southern border, Biden and his administration continue to gaslight the American people. According to Augustus Howard in his column in the New York Post, “Biden’s reversal of the Trump-era border enforcement… has led to widespread human suffering.”2 As Americans are dying from fentanyl and other deadly drugs flooding into our country, Vice President Kamala Harris has the gall to say that “the border is secure.”3

Amidst the Biden Administration’s failures, Greg Abbott just won a third consecutive term as Governor of Texas. Will he repel the invasion at our southern border? Abbott said on election night: “Where, and if, Congress falls short, Texas must continue our unprecedented efforts to secure our border.”4 With the brunt of the border crisis falling on the shoulders of Texans, why wait to see IF Congress will act? Using Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution and Article 4, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution, Texas has the authority to secure its border with Mexico!

With the increase in crime and all the drugs and illegal aliens pouring into our country, we simply cannot wait for the federal government to solve the crisis at our southern border. Abbott recently designated Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations and he sent a second letter to Biden, asking him to do the same. According to Abbott: “In fact, more Americans died from fentanyl poisoning in the past year than all terrorist attacks across the globe in the past 100 years.”5 This sounds like he understands the urgency of the situation however, although he has used the language “declare an invasion,” he continues to funnel illegal aliens through the broken federal immigration system by having Texas DPS officials return those apprehended to ports of entry. This is Catch and Release with extra steps, and with Title 42 no longer in effect it will exacerbate the problem rather than helping to solve it.

President Trump was right when he so famously said: “A nation without borders is not a nation.”6 Unfortunately, we have become a nation without borders. It is essential that Governor Abbott not only declare an invasion in name but use the full might of his office to finish Trump’s wall, deploy additional personnel and technology to repel would-be border crossers, and expel all apprehended illegal aliens back across the border to Mexico.

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