Texas Governor Greg Abbott holds Roundtable Discussion in Weslaco on Border Security

As expected, Abbott described the current crisis, blaming a majority of the issues facing Texans on the Biden Administration’s failures – a script Texans know very well. 

Aside from the Governor’s remarks on the crisis, the mic passed to Senator Brian Birdwell, Representative Ryan Guillen, newly appointed “Border Czar,” Mike Banks, and other Operation Lone Star officials as their expertise required for brief comments on their role in the roundtable that had taken place earlier. 

Despite waxing eloquent on the known problems of the current situation – ranging from trafficking issues, fentanyl, national security threats, & drains on local infrastructure –  the panel of lawmakers and law enforcement agencies seem content to continue applying band-aid solutions to the steady tsunami of illegal aliens crossing the Texas border. 

Further, Senator Birdwell’s claim, that  “If the Biden Administration does not secure the border, the options for the State of Texas are even uglier than what we’re dealing with now.”

Unfortunately, the Senator is correct. If Texas continues to rely on the Biden administration to act first, the only options left will be ugly.. 

In short, there is no indication that this new “border package” being finalized this week in the Texas legislature will provide the teeth necessary to provide relief to Texans suffering from an overwhelming and dangerous  invasion.

Official Statement from the Governor:


Chris Russo, President of Texans for Strong Borders attended and provided live-tweet coverage:

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