Weekly Newsletter – February 17th

Welcome to this week’s Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. 

Here’s the scoop on all things regarding the fight to END illegal immigration:

Abbott Announces Legislative Priorities at Biannual State of the State Address in San Marcos

Last night Governor Greg Abbott held his State of the State address in which he set a vision for the future of Texas and more specifically what we Texans can expect out of the remaining three months of this 88th Legislative session.

In his speech he touched on individuals, stories, and critical issues that affect every one of us but the most important issue that the Governor brought up was that of Border Security.

Designating the issue as an emergency item, Abbott mentioned his continuing policy of bussing illegals to Sanctuary Cities his recent appointment and creation of the position of Border Czar and also called for cartels to be classified as Terrorist Organizations, a minimum of ten-year sentence for those caught smuggling humans, $4.6B more in funding to Operation Lone Star, and to prosecute deaths caused by fentanyl as murders.

He signaled that he would be working on Border Security legislation with Republican State Sen. Brian Birdwell and State Rep. Ryan Guillen, a former Democrat who switched parties and became a Republican in the Fall of 2021. These bills are most likely to be Birdwell’s SB 600 and Guillen’s HB 2396.

None of this changes the fact that busing illegals farther into the country makes the issue of illegal immigration worse. As you know, Texas does not need approval or permission from the federal government to secure the Texas Border and deport illegal aliens back across the Rio Grande. Operation Lone Star has accomplished none of the latter.

Wade Miller, Executive Director of Citizens for Renewing America, had the following to say regarding the State of the State:


Texas House continues Slow Movement on Legislative Process, While Texas Senate Gets to Work

Earlier this week the Texas House voted to adjourn until this upcoming Tuesday. This comes after Speaker of the House Dade Phelan appointed committee chairs later than we’ve seen before and appointed EIGHT Democrats to Chairmanships in doing so.

Meanwhile, the Texas Senate is already holding committee hearings. This includes numerous hearings including ongoing hearings on the Budget in the Senate Finance Committee which featured Texas DPS Chief Steve McCraw who answered an array of questions but many specific to his Department’s handling and involvement in Border Security efforts. The Senate also referred hundreds of bills to committees including those that specifically have to do with Border Security such as State Sen. Bob Hall’s SB 237, SB 310, SB 356 and State Sen. Mayes Middleton’s SB 430.


It’s Time to End Birthright Citizenship

Nikki Haley the Former Governor of South Carolina and U.S Ambassador to the United Nations announced she was running for President. One of the main arguments against her came from her former boss, President Donald J. Trump. In a lengthy press release President Donald Trump slammed Haley’s record on immigration including her stances on the Border Wall, Legal Immigration, and strong ties to the Open Borders Cartel.

Most important though is his emphasis on her stance of Birthright Citizenship

Not only is Birthright Citizenship not mentioned nor exhibited in any part of the U. S. Constitution, but as Emile Doak of the American Conservative argues, it cheapens American citizenship.

 “Birthright citizenship makes no sense. It cheapens American citizenship and, in the case of Chinese surrogacy, needlessly entangles this country with our chief geo-political rival. In short, it harms this country’s actual, existing citizens.” 

– Emile Doak

The soil and land you are born on does not owe you or entitle you the title to be a citizen of that land. In a serious nation only after you are determined to be of a certain identity, nationality, ethnicity, and meeting a specific list of other prerequisites should you even be considered to become a citizen of that nation.

This is why Texans for Strong Border made Ending Birthright Citizenship a top Legislative Priority for this session.

You can view our FULL Legislative Priorities Report on our Website HERE.


RUSSO: Texas Must Mandate E-Verify to Eliminate Economic Incentives for Illegal Immigration

This would provide additional economic opportunities for Texans priced out of the labor market and allow business owners who want to do the right thing to feel secure doing so.

Read Texans for Strong Borders President Chris Russo’s full Op-Ed in Texas Scorecard on E-verify HERE.

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