Weekly Newsletter – February 10th

Welcome to this week’s Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Here’s the scoop on all things regarding the fight to end illegal immigration:

Chris Russo, President of Texans for Strong Borders testifies in front of Georgia State Senate Committee on Interstate Cooperation

Today at the Georgia Capitol Texans for Strong Borders President Chris Russo will be testifying on how Georgia and Texas cooperate to end illegal immigration.

He’ll be testifying alongside Bryan Slaton of Texas HD-2, Tom Homan Former Director of ICE under President Trump, and a list of others with active or former law enforcement and military experience in the state of Texas.

You can livestream the hearing HERE.


Tony Gonzales Reveals Himself as Fledgling on Authentic Border Security and Immigration Reform Legislation

If you thought the Congressman representing the longest stretch of the Texas Border would have a strong stance against the Open Borders Cartel, prepare to be disappointed.

Instead of working to secure the border, Tony Gonzales is trying to reward those who cross it illegally.

Since the 118th Congress gaveled in, Mr. Gonzales has fought tooth and nail along with other moderate Republicans and even Democrats to stifle Congressman Chip Roy’s HR 29, the Border Security and Safety Act of 2023.

His ideological fight against sound border policies includes statements in favor of those coming here illegally with the goal of exploiting our government handouts as well as our economic advantages.

Texans elected Republicans in November to put America First. Congressman Gonzales is prioritizing third world illegal immigrants violating the sovereignty of our border.


Iowa House advance legislation on E-Verify while Texas slow walks the Legislative Process

On the same day last month, the Iowa and Texas state legislatures convened. Since January 9th Iowa has formed committees, referred bills to those committees, pushed bills to the floor, and voted on those bills.

While Texas has rules on how quickly action can be taken, Iowa still stands in stark contrast to the Lone Star Legislature.

One of Iowa’s passed bills is a critical piece of legislation that any American, specifically American workers, have a vested interest in: the House Bill 105 which would require Iowa employers to enroll in the E-Verify system.

Meanwhile Texas House Committees were this week, and eight of them feature open borders Democrats as chairmen. These are the same House Democrats who have authored bills to allow non-citizens to become police officers, allow illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license, and end our ban on sanctuary cities.

Iowa is getting real and authentic legislation passed aimed at curbing Illegal Immigration.

Texas is twiddling its thumbs and putting radicals into key positions.


Texas House Democrat pushes legislation that would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s license

Earlier this week Texas House Democrat Ramon Romero Jr., not only authored HB 1869 which would allow illegals to obtain a drivers license but accompanied his authorship with a press conference pushing the policy on Texas.

Texas Democrats want to normalize illegal immigration.

This couldn’t be more clear as throughout their press conference they continued to refer to illegal aliens and Texans interchangeably. Texans are not illegal aliens and illegal aliens are not Texan. You and I know this is true. It’s time this was reflected in our law and approach to securing our border.


This has been your weekly newsletter brought to you by Texans for Strong Borders.

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