Weekly Newsletter – February 3rd

Here is your weekly newsletter regarding all things Border Security in the Lone Star State:

Greg Abbott appoints Border Czar with the hopes to reignite the mission of Operation Lonestar

In March 2021 Governor Greg Abbott took an unprecedented step, stood up to the federal government, and promised to secure our border.

There was optimism we’d finally see an impact as the governor rolled out Operation Lonestar. These hopes for security were short-lived. or so we thought retrospect, it seems Abbott’s move was performative. He was just blocking political attacks by his primary opponents who stood tall on the idea that Texas “can defend its border and doesn’t have to ask the Federal Government” to secure the sovereignty of its own population.

Now that the shine has gone off of Operation Lone Star  Gov. Abbott needs a reset. 

Enter his new Border Czar.

This appointment keeps the issue fresh in the minds of Texans but it’s a distraction and might boost approval ratings Texans are getting wise to the games. Blaming the discontent of our Open Border on the Biden administration while the TMD sits on its hands is the status quo.

Appointing a Border Czar does NOT absolve inaction by our elected officials. 

We need the governor to formally declare an invasion under Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution and Article 4, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution AND use TMD and DPS to actually repel the invasion.

We need legislation now that appropriates money to finish the border wall in Texas, ends handouts to illegals, mandates E-verify for all public and private businesses, and puts a strong tax on remittances sent to foreign nations.


Ron Desantis is Playing Hard-Ball with Florida Businesses that are not Following the States New E-verify Law

The Open Borders Cartel (big business) has ignored E-verify to ensure at the expense of American workers.

Governor Ron DeSantis is putting an end to this charade in Florida. He’s going after businesses and their licenses for not following the law.

The truth is that E-verify is not ineffective, it is in fact over 95% accurate in its findings when it comes to determining a prospective employee’s citizenship status.

The issue with E-verify is not the efficacy of the system but instead the enforcement of the law once it is passed.

As a state who does not find itself directly Bordering another country, Florida is ground zero for talking the talk as well as the walk that comes with it comes to Border Security. Texas is following.


In a turn of events, DHS secretary Mayorkas allows Border Patrol Personnel to Testify Before Congress

Earlier this week a top official within the Biden Administration, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security found himself in a scuffle with transparency and integrity as so many officials in this administration have.

This was because members of the Biden Administration along with Mayorkas decided it would be best to bar top-ranking officers of Border Patrol from testifying before Congress. Specifically, testifying to the Intel Committee, led by James Comer (R-Kentucky).

Thankfully, because of pressure from accountability-minded citizens like yourself, Mayorkas and DHS let up, allowing the men on the front lines of the Border Crisis to testify. 

Another committee, the House Judiciary Committee, which includes Texas Republicans Chip Roy and Wesley Hunt has uncovered a clear dereliction of duty with order Patrol officers detailed specific actions taken by those D.C. to prevent them from doing their jobs. The hearing also included heartbreaking testimony from a father from Hays County, Texas who revealed that a dozen teenagers in his small Texas County have taken lethal or life-threatening doses of fentanyl. Pills that are pouring across our porous Southern Border.

Not only does this fight directly affect the culture of this country but it is taking countless lives right here in our backyard.


Tweet of the Day: Teenage Human Smugglers Crash on I-35 in Frio County

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