Texas House Passes SB 252, Allowing Non-Citizens to Become Peace Officers

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that the Texas House had unanimously passed a bill allowing non-citizen veterans to become peace officers in the state of Texas. SB 252, which accomplishes the same purpose, was passed out of the Senate and was then passed by the House today. This is part of a larger movement happening nationwide to allow non-citizens to become peace officers. Indeed, HB 1076, which allows ALL legal permanent residents to become peace officers, sits in the Texas House calendars committee.

We will say it again: this is a sovereignty issue. Non-citizens cannot vote, cannot serve on juries, and, under current Texas law, cannot become peace officers. To allow a non-citizen to exercise policing powers over citizens is a disservice to Americans and sets a bad precedent for the future of law enforcement practices in our state.

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