The Republican Chairman of the House Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee Raises Eyebrows with Recent Legislative Actions

The Chairman on the House Committee over Homeland Security and Public Safety Ryan Guillen (R-Rio Grande City), who was a Democrat until he switched in the interim between this session and the last, has not been favorable to the cause of Border Security from the perspective of disinvitation.

Guillen has not only prompted votes but has voted multiple bills out of committee that would allow former illegal aliens and non-citizens to become peace officers in the state of Texas. He went as far as signing on to co-author one of the bills and has chosen to give HB 3175 by Rep. John Bucy (D-Cedar Park), which would allow for non-citizens to renew their driver’s license in the state of Texas, a hearing. 

Chairman Guillen’s actions do not fall in line with the Republican Party of Texas legislative priority that thousands of Texas Republican delegates put forth last June of ‘Securing the Border and Protecting Texans’ which states: 

“Texas shall immediately deny all taxpayer funded services and subsidies to illegal aliens. We call upon the Governor to assert his duty under Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the US Constitution to declare an invasion on our Texas border and do everything in his power to protect Texans from this invasion. The legislature shall direct the Governor to enter into an Interstate Compact with one or more states for Border Security.”

These actions cannot continue which is why we are asking you to call Chairman Guillen’s office and ask him to leave HB 3175 pending in committee for the rest of session once the hearing on the bill commences this upcoming Tuesday, April 25th.

CALL NOW: (512) 463-0416

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