The Third Special Session Has Concluded With No Border Security Passed

In the heart of Texas, a sense of frustration and betrayal looms as the state legislature once again falls short of delivering border legislation demanded by the people. This failure is not merely a disappointment; it is a direct assault on the security of the Lone Star State. We must demand action to end the invasion at our border and protect our way of life.

Missed Opportunities:

Despite promising bills being introduced during the regular and special sessions, no meaningful border security legislation has reached the governor’s desk. As always, there have been some good bills that died with no action or were completely gutted. The legislation has failed to pass legislation that the majority of Texans believe to be a top priority.

The Accountability Imperative:

We must hold elected officials accountable for their failure to act decisively on the border crisis. The safety and well-being of our communities are at stake, and those who have fallen short must be replaced by representatives who understand the gravity of the situation. 

Speaker Dade Phelan’s Leadership:

Speaker Dade Phelan’s leadership has proven woefully inadequate in the face of the border crisis. This lack of progress necessitates a change in leadership. Texans have demanded that their leaders demonstrate the courage and commitment necessary to step into the gap left by the federal government, and so far those leaders have not gotten it done. It is time for a Speaker who will pull his delegation across the finish line, not hold them back.

The Need For a Fourth Special Session:

In response to the legislative impotence, Governor Abbott has called for a fourth special session to address the border as well as other key issues for Texans. We must ensure that in that session, our representatives are prepared to pass border security legislation that is actually effective.

The failure of the Texas legislature to pass meaningful border security measures is a wake-up call for Texans. As millions of illegal aliens pour across our border each year, we cannot afford compromise or delay. It is crucial that we demand and enact the strong, unapologetic measures necessary to preserve the greatness of the Lone Star State and the United States of America.

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