Tony Gonzales Censured by the Republican Party of Texas

The Republican Party of Texas voted to officially censure Congressman Tony Gonzales (R – San Antonio) after several instances of Gonzalez demonstrating his unfaithfulness to the Republican party platform.

This action comes weeks after more than half of the counties in Gonzales’ district passed resolutions to encourage the State Republican Executive Committee to officially censure the two term congressman.

The resolution passed with an astounding 57 votes in favor of the censure. 

As a result of the censure, Gonzales will be subject to several consequences including a loss of party funds for his reelection bid, and several primary opponents. After the censure was publicized, the first of what could be a field of opponents announced a challenge.

If that wasn’t enough to discourage Gonzales from running for a third term, the Republican Party of Texas is officially discouraging him from throwing his hat back in the ring in 2024.

Clearly, Gonazles doesn’t care about letting down his constituents and taking sides with the cartels. After the censure he tweeted  “¡No mames RPT! Puro pedo.” making fun of the grassroots leaders who stayed true to party principles. 

Representative Gonzales is staunchly in favor of open borders. He failed to support the Border Safety and Security Act of 2023, which would put pressure on Homeland Security to take action to prevent illegal aliens from entering the country. 

Ironically enough, Gonzales’ district contains more miles of the border than any other congressional district in Texas. Yet, Gonzales has repeatedly failed to do what is best for his constituents and secure the border. 

Texans for Strong Borders commends the SREC and the Republican Party of Texas for taking actions to oust the open border fanatic and will work to ensure other elected officials will be held accountable.

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