Weekly Newsletter – March 3rd

House Republicans Vote to Adjourn Early for the Third Week in a Row

Earlier this week, after passing a slew of resolutions recognizing different groups, celebratory days, and people…

The House voted to adjourn for FIVE days. The Texas legislature is only in session for six months every other year. Every week they call it quits early is another week closer to needed reforms being killed by the clock. 

Meanwhile, House Speaker Dade Phelan keeps designating his priorities, none of which deal with the catastrophe at our border.

This week’s bills feature Corporate Welfare and establishing a Business Court system. Neither of which made the Texas GOP’s priority list established last June at Convention.. “Border Security and Protecting Texans” was number two on the list, and yet, here we sit. 

While the House is slowing down the legislative calendar, Speaker Phelan has signaled that Border Security is an issue the House will take up in 2023.

Speaking to a group in Austin, Phelan said his House bill “will change the conversation, allow Texas to protect its own Border…and take the fight to the Border ourselves.”

So, we shall see. 

Priority placement for Border Bills Matches Polling

This week the University of Texas at Austin released its latest public policy polling, and border issues continue to dominate.

When asked an open-ended question about priorities the legislature should pursue while in session, a plurality of Texans, 24%, mentioned immigration and border security.

Nearly half (49%) of Republicans polled ranked it the top priority.

The next closest item, inflation, didn’t even get to double digits, making the issue of securing the border far and away the most important item to tackle.

This is an issue that has been neglected for too long. Lawmakers should not prioritize anything, including corporate handouts, ahead of action to secure our border.

President of Texans for Strong Borders Testifies in Front of Senate Committee on State Affairs.

Yesterday, TFSB President Chris Russo testified in front of the Senate State Affairs Committee in regards to Senate Bill 147.

SB 147 would outlaw any type of foreign land ownership by foreign nationals from China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia.

Foreign ownership of Texas land, almost sounds like an oxy-moron. Why?

Because it is.

The deed for land in the state is ours and should only be sold to us, much less a foreign national who not only does not have the United States’ best interest but just the opposite. After multiple blunders on the global stage recently, America is in a vulnerable position. Our adversaries would like nothing more than to see us fall.

Chris Russo and Texans for Strong Borders is asking the legislature to push further: No Illegal Alien, or Foreign National from a state that is directly involved in the crisis at our Southern Border should be able to buy land in the state of Texas.

You can view Russo’s testimony on twitter here:

Phelan-Appointed Democrat Committee Chair on County Affairs Enforces Speech Code

Naming Democrats to chair committees in the Texas House was an issue for the grassroots that Speaker Phelan ignored.

It’s already coming back to bite him in the rear.

This week Democrat Chair of the County Affairs Committee, Victoria Neave, chastised Rep. Tony Tinderholt for using the term illegal immigrant while describing illegal immigrants.

The proper and legal term for aliens who violate our border, breaking our laws in the process, is an illegal immigrant or illegal alien.

Upending our vocabulary is a long-term project of the left. This includes demanding the use of inclusionary titles like migrant or undocumented to describe criminals invading America.

Hard pass.

Counties along the border and across the state are suffering from the effects of illegal immigrants. Installing a left-wing wacko to Chair a committee should have never happened, and this is an early consequence.

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