Weekly Newsletter – February 24th

Welcome to this week’s Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. 

Here’s the scoop on all things regarding the fight to end illegal immigration:

Ron DeSantis Unveils Border Security Agenda to Combat Biden’s Border Crisis, Texas Falling Behind

In a bold and proactive move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference where he announced his plans to combat Biden’s Border crisis at the state level. He called on the Florida Legislature to put the following items on his desk, to be signed into law

  • E-verify requirement for ALL Florida Businesses, PUBLIC and PRIVATE
  • Make it a felony to use false identification to obtain eligibility under the E-verify program
  • Prohibit local governments from issuing ID cards to unauthorized aliens 
  • Invalidate out-of-state licenses issued to unauthorized aliens
  • Repeal in-state tuition for illegal aliens

The full list of items Governor DeSantis called on the Florida Legislature to pass can be viewed HERE.

We would be remiss not to mention that two of the items mentioned above are two of our top three priorities at Texans for Strong Borders for this 88th Texas legislative session.

Today in response to Governor DeSantis’s press conference yesterday, Texans for Strong Borders issued the following press release that can also be viewed on our website HERE or on our Twitter HERE:

Georgia State Senator Sounds the Alarm: We Need to Declare an Invasion

A few weeks ago, TFSB President Chris Russo visited the Georgia State Capitol to testify in front of the Senate Committee on Interstate Cooperation. The hearing also featured Tom Homan, former ICE Director under Trump, and Texas Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-Greenville).

Russo’s testimony highlighted:

-Cartels are acting as a parallel government along the southern border

-Illegal aliens are economic migrants seeking access to the greater economic opportunity and stability afforded by the United States

-Troops already deployed to the border by states have no authority to repel illegal crossings

Most importantly, Russo used his testimony to pointedly express the need for the State of Texas to declare an invasion, something TFSB has called on the Governor and the legislature to do since its inception.

Since this hearing, the Chairman of the Committee, State Senator Colton Moore, has considered passing a resolution declaring an invasion at the United States Southern Border under Article I Section 10 and Article IV Section 4 of the United States Constitution. This would give Georgia law enforcement the power to repel the invasion by locating, identifying, and deporting illegal aliens in their state to the other side of the Rio Grande.

For years, Texans have been looking to their political leaders to do the same with no results. As a Border state Texas MUST step up and declare an invasion at its Southwestern Border.

Blue States are Acting, Texas is Not

This week in the Minnesota Senate House, File 4 -also known as the “Drivers License for All Act”- passed with flying colors.

This legislation, which is the exact same legislation Texas Democrats have been recently pushing, will do exactly what it says: put a drivers license into the hands of every illegal alien in the state of Minnesota above the age of 16. HF 4, having already passed the House, will head to the Governor of Minnesota’s desk in the coming days to be signed into law.

In Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker has recently made statements in support of SB 1472, which its bill author touts as the “Noncitizens Rights Act”.

Just like its Open Borders counterpart in Minnesota, this legislation does exactly as it claims. In fact in many cases, it gives non-citizens more rights than citizens themselves. It restricts law enforcement agencies from inquiring about a person’s immigration status if they are working with a government agency and requires law enforcement and government offices to post signs stating individuals will not be asked about their immigration status, among other things.

In Massachusetts, the Governor has signaled her continued support for illegal aliens that want an education provided on the taxpayer’s dime in the form of in-state tuition for illegal aliens. 

Massachusetts Senate Bill 81 has been authored to that end. This bill would expand the already wide range of non-citizens and illegal aliens who are given preferential treatment under Massachusetts law (in violation of federal law) to all illegal aliens who graduate from High School in Massachusetts. Texas was the first state to do so in 2001 under then-Governor Rick Perry.

More and more leftist states are protecting illegal aliens under the law, even though their entire presence in this country is against the law… but it doesn’t end there.

Just like Democrats in Minnesota and Illinois, Texas Dems are pushing for drivers licenses for illegal aliens (HB 1869), creating their own versions of Illinois’ Non-citizens Rights Act by pushing to repeal the Texas ban on sanctuary cities (HB 1494) and authoring almost half a dozen bills to allow non-citizens to become police officers.

Thankfully we elected Republicans into power last November to push back against this grossly misguided agenda, right?

Yet it was not until yesterday, 45 days into the 88th legislative session, that bills were referred to committees. Additionally, Speaker Dade Phelan announced four priority bills, two of which are authored by Democrats.

All to say, Republicans in the House were elected in November to get to work and pass our priorities, not the Speaker’s.

Texas Republicans #2 priority is “Secure the Border and Protect Texans” and we want REAL legislation that meets this priority passed now!

We will not rest until we have a vote on each of our Texans for Strong Borders priorities for the 88th Legislative Session and Texas Republican lawmakers start wielding power against the Open Borders Cartel!

Abbott Holds Roundtable Discussion and Press Conference in Weslaco on Border Security

On Tuesday, Governor Abbott hosted a roundtable and press conference in Weslaco in the Rio Grande Valley. Abbott laid out the details of the current crisis, blaming a majority of the issues facing Texans on the Biden Administration’s failures – a script Texans know very well. Aside from the bills we covered last week related to the Governor’s emergency items, no new policy measures were announced.

After the Governor’s remarks on the crisis, the mic passed to Sen. Brian Birdwell, Rep. Ryan Guillen, newly appointed Texas Border Czar Mike Banks, and other Operation Lone Star officials for brief comments on their role in the roundtable that had taken place earlier.

…You can read the rest of this in a blog post on our website HERE.

Texans for Strong Borders President Chris Russo attended the Press Conference himself which he detailed in real-time in a twitter thread:

During his time in the Rio Grande Valley, Russo also spoke to the True Texas Project RGV chapter and the McAllen Tea Party, detailing our legislative priorities and need for Texas to secure its own Border.

If you would like to have Mr. Russo speak to your group, please email [email protected] with your group name, time, date, location, and the topic you would like for him to address.

This has been this week’s Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter.

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