Weekly Newsletter – August 30th

52 Republicans Voted to Protect Dem’s Spots on a Border Security Council

Despite Republican vows to secure the Texas Border, illegal crossings are surging with the assistance of the cartels, resembling an invasion. Since Democrat Joe Biden’s term began, over 8.5 million illegal aliens have entered the US. House Bill 20 in the Texas Legislature would have created a Border Protection Unit, but was blocked by House Leadership in collaboration with Democrats. HB 3782, which is border security legislation, intended to establish a Border Security Advisory Council, but instead, 52 Republicans voted to safeguard Democrats’ positions on the council.


Illegal Immigration puts Incredible Strain on Texas Schools

As Texas grapples with increasing low-income immigrant households, many of its public schools are significantly strained, with limited opportunities for native students and inflating education costs. The low tax contributions from illegal alien households exponentially worsens the burden. Addressing this issue is crucial for effectively educating our students and fostering a cohesive national and cultural identity in step with our values. 

Texas legislators’ failures in these affairs can’t be the sole place of blame, as a long list of court decisions, like Plyler v. Doe, have favored these outcomes which has led to catastrophic consequences for schools and communities due to mass immigration. Politicians in Austin just need to find the courage to do right by Texans, including challenging troublesome court precedent from decades ago…


ICYMI: The Cost of Illegal Aliens in Texas Schools and We Testified in Idaho

Texas faces a notable rise in students from immigrant households, a demographic shift highlighted by a Center for Immigration Studies report. Students from immigrant households went from 17% in 1990 to 31% in 2021, impacting the state’s education system and burdening taxpayers. The COST of accommodating these students, many of whom are in the U.S. illegally, is substantial.

Last week Strong Borders President, Chris Russo, testified in front of the Idaho Joint Legislative Committee on Federalism to send them a simple message: mandate E-Verify, end taxpayer handouts to illegal aliens, and send personnel to the Texas-Mexico border to repel illegal crossings and remove those who do manage to get across.


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