Weekly Newsletter – July 19th

Illegal Alien Convicted of Drugging, Raping Teenagers in TN

Camilo Hurtado Campos, an illegal alien who found refuge as a soccer coach in Tennessee, is the most recent reminder of the consequences due to the lack of internal enforcement with immigration law. Both CBP and ICE could have helped prevent the horrendous acts Campos committed against innocent American teenagers. Campos, who has lived in the United States illegally for two decades, was caught filming himself raping unconscious boys he drugged. Remember: Campos and the millions of other illegal aliens residing in our nation unlawfully do not need to commit a crime to be arrested, much less the horrific act of sedation and sexual assault. They committed a crime the moment they illegally entered this country that carries a penalty of imprisonment and subsequent deportation.

House Republicans Sneak Foreign Worker Expansion in DHS Spending Bill

Republicans in Congress approved a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill last week that includes a sizable expansion of foreign worker visas, hurting the long-term job prospects for American workers. The bill’s provisions loosen H-2A visa rules, allowing more industries related to the agricultural sector to import foreign workers for low wages. Additionally, it expands the H-2B visa program, enabling employers to bring in about 66,000 foreign workers for seasonal non-agricultural jobs in industries like construction, landscaping, hospitality, and food services.

These visa programs have a long history of displacing American workers, suppressing wages, and creating an unfair playing field in the labor market. The H-2A visa program, in particular, has been marred by instances of fraud and abuse, with some workers being subjected to poor conditions and receiving extremely low wages. Despite these Republicans’ previous stated commitment of prioritizing American workers and protecting their jobs from the forces of globalism, this move shows their commitment was nothing more than mere words.

France Experiences Riots Provoked by the Effects of Mass Immigration

The consequences of mass immigration are not only being felt in the United States, they’ve gone global. In France, recent riots have highlighted the effects of allowing the third world into your country under the guise of “compassion” and “empathy”. These events serve as a glaring reminder of the challenges posed by the mass and accelerated settlement of Arab and African Muslims, who have failed to integrate into French society.

Mass immigration policies have allowed the unchecked settlement of foreigners in France to cause division within the nation. Despite multi-generational efforts, such as common schooling and anti-discrimination laws, the process of assimilation has been severely hindered. This is with a foreign-born population that is proportionally smaller than ours in the United States.

A nation and its people should demand a robust and controlled immigration system that promotes assimilation and protects their cultural heritage. France’s experiences should serve as a wake-up call to Texans and Americans that we want to be nothing like them. However, with over eight million illegal aliens crossing our border since January 21, 2021, we are well on our way to doing so. Texas has failed to step up, in light of the federal government refusal and participation in the invasion of the U.S.-Mexico border. Does your State Representative in the Texas House look at France and not only say “I think my constituents want that” but that “this is what is good for our state?” Their actions say so.

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