Weekly Newsletter – June 16th

This is your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Here is everything you need to know about the fight to end illegal immigration into Texas.

     The Largest Sanctuary City in America, in the Republican Suburbs of Texas

The recent tragedy in Colony Ridge, one of America’s largest colonias, located near Houston in Liberty County, has brought attention to the detrimental impact of ITIN loans and illegal immigration. While developers profit from these exploitative loans, Texans bear the consequences. There is an urgent need to address this issue comprehensively, as the state of Texas has yet to take any decisive action on the issue of illegal immigration. ITIN loans have become a loophole, allowing illegal aliens to bypass the need for a Social Security Number. These individuals collude with developers, enabling them to evade detection while engaging in activities such as property ownership and employment. The involvement of key stakeholders, like William Harris, further underscores the connection between these loans and their opportunities for personal gain.

Investigative reporters have played a crucial role in exposing the truth behind Colony Ridge. Wayne Dolcefino’s 2020 exposé highlighted Colony Ridge’s involvement in selling properties to illegal immigrants. Todd Bensman, a reporter from The Center for Immigration Studies, continues to shed light on the ongoing issues in Colony Ridge and their consequences. The execution-style deaths of five illegal aliens, caused by a wanted illegal alien, brings forth urgent need for action. 

Texans must awaken to the realities in their own backyard, and demand the necessary changes by pushing for a ban on ITIN loans to safeguard the well-being of their state.

This information is also documented in a twitter thread TFSB published today.

Property Tax Relief Starts with Removing Illegal Aliens from the Housing Market

*The following is an excerpt from guest commentary submitted to Texas Scorecard further advocating for a full ban on ITIN loans.

“Recent discussions spearheaded by Senator JD Vance (R-Ohio) brought attention to the strain that immigration places on the U.S. housing market and the burden it places on American citizens. When housing demand exceeds supply, property values experience an upward surge, and this predicament is further compounded by the established presence and ongoing substantial influx of illegal aliens. According to estimates from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, Texas currently houses a population of over 2.2 million illegal aliens, this results in a significant impact on various markets, in this case the housing market. The presence of illegal aliens in the housing market artificially inflates property values, thus negating any potential property tax relief that the legislature may put forth, whether it be through compression or a homestead exemption.”

This article in its entirety can be read HERE.

Abbott’s Border Security Actions: A Mix of Unproven Measures and Worthless Endeavors

Governor Abbott’s latest move in transporting illegal aliens took place in the city of Los Angeles. This sparked criticism from those who regularly advocate for Open Borders, but those who want Texas to secure its own border are left asking the same questions: Why not just return them back across the Rio Grande?  This would free Texans of the cross-country transportation bill and the long-term tax financial burden of illegal aliens presence in America. 

Texans are demanding real action, following Operation Lonestar’s allocation of $4.6B in the recent legislative session.This raises concerns about whether Abbott’s actions align with the desires of the people or if they serve a different agenda altogether. Every single dollar from this appropriation needs to be dedicated to repelling and removing all illegal aliens attempting to enter Texas.

Last week Abbott unveiled the planned deployment of a marine barrier in the Rio Grande. Although an unproven method, this move does give immigration restrictionists some hope in regards to future maneuvers to prevent illegal crossings.

This has been your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Thank you for reading Patriot.

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