Weekly Newsletter – June 30th

NYC Mayor Sends Illegal Aliens out of the Country

It is no secret the border is open. However, until last week, it was a secret that NYC Mayor Eric Adams, a liberal Democrat, was taking action in regards to the influx of illegal aliens into his city. Illegal aliens were overrunning the resources that are meant for the legal residents of the city. Adams’ solution went beyond busing them out of his city, or the state of New York for that matter. He decided to send them out of the country altogether and straight to South America and China according to a report obtained by the New York Post.

Strong Borders strongly welcomes the action taken by Adams and is pleased to see he came to his senses. We hope to see more leaders, Democrat or Republican, at the municipal, state, and federal level,to follow his lead and do the same. It is truly a strange turn of events to see a Democrat Mayor who espouses Open Borders views taking action that most Republicans are unwilling to do.

Abbott Signs Bill Allowing Non-Citizens to Become Peace Officers

In a move that undermines the rights and privileges of citizenship, Governor Abbott decided to sign SB 252, a law that resembles recent legislation passed by the state of California. The bill allows certain non-citizens to serve as police officers in Texas.

Strong Borders had previously called out the Texas House for passing HB 278, nearly identical legislation to SB 252, on the local and consent calendar. Republican Representative Ryan Guillen and Democrat Senator Carol Alvardo successfully prioritized this bill, as the Texas House and Senate almost unanimously approved SB 252 in both chambers, permitting non-citizen military veterans to become peace officers with only five voting against in the House and Senate combined.

During the session, Texans for Strong Borders strongly urged legislators to vote against elimination of the U.S. citizenship requirement for peace officers and instead focus on the root causes affecting peace officer recruitment. Regardless of the individual merits of a non-citizen, citizenship holds a special relationship to these roles. In the particular case of non-citizen veterans of the armed forces of the United States, it must be noted that there is a fundamental difference between being pitted against our nation’s external foes and having to perform law enforcement actions directed at citizens. Ultimately, citizenship matters, and Texas should not pass any measures that weaken or dilute it. 

Make no mistake, the push for non-citizens being given police power does not stop here. Another bill, HB 1076, would have given ALL legal permanent residents the ability to become peace officers, and this bill passed out of the House Committee on Public Safety & Homeland Security, ultimately dying in calendars. Be on the lookout for further erosion of the line between citizen and non-citizen in future sessions.

Federal Government Directly Undermining Texas Border Czar’s Plans

In early February of this year, Abbott announced he would be holding a press conference on the Texas border to make a ‘special announcement.’ Texans had no idea what to expect, but were surprised by what took place. Our Governor not only created the position of ‘Texas Border Czar’ but also appointed  Border Patrol vet Mike Banks. Banks has a long and lofty resume, and more than fit to take the position.

Since this announcement Banks has assumed the duties of Border Czar exceedingly well for the task he was faced with; aiming to secure the border in the face of the Federal Government’s refusal to do so. Banks has run several operations along the Texas-Mexico border in which the state has jurisdiction to take ample action. Most notably, was on the eve of the Title 42 expiring, where he ordered Texas National Guard troops to repel illegal entry into the state of Texas.

Today, with the help of Bill Melugin, it came to light that not only is the Biden Administration derelict in their duty, they are refusing to secure the border. Additionally, Biden’s point man on the border, Alejandro Mayorkas, is demonizing border patrol agents. As a result, there have been seven suicides among BP agents since Biden took office. Yet Biden is actively directing federal agents to physically undo the work of Texas DPS agents to secure the border.

We need to respond by repelling and removing every illegal alien entering the state of Texas and call the Federal Government’s bluff…

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