Texas DPS Urges Texans NOT to Travel to Mexico

On Monday, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw released a statement informing Texans and the nation on the risks of traveling to Mexico, going as far as to say we avoid going there all together.

This statement follows recent headlines and heartbreaking news of a trio of Americans disappearing after crossing the border to sell goods at a flea market.

That story follows the more widely publicized story of four Americans getting caught in gang crossfire in Matamoros. Two were kidnapped and two of them ended up dead. This group was in Mexico for a tummy tuck expedition.

Texas DPS has a duty to protect the general public, even if that means “hurting” our relationship with our neighbor south of the Border. 

Until Mexico gets a handle on the out of control drug fueled violence that terrorizes its citizens, no Americans should willingly travel to Mexico for leisure or at all for that matter. 

Almost unsurprisingly though, it does indeed get worse.

Last week the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, made very hostile statements towards Americans and their leaders saying “Fentanyl is an American portable”.

Obrador also threatened to start a campaign against the U.S. politicians who seek to designate narco-terrorist organizations, like the Mexican Cartels, who have nothing less than safe harbor in the political and economic ecosystem of Mexico.

Is Obrador worried about the U.S. taking the safety of its citizens into hand?

This posturing from the Mexican President is tantamount to complicit in the harsh criminal actions of the Mexican Cartels (ie. the Sinaloa or Gulf cartels) and the trafficking and smuggling of drugs and children as young as toddlers and newborns.

With a nation that is essentially run by narco-terrorists known for being a desirable tourist destination for Texans, Texas DPS is justified in making such a statement… and Texans need to heed their advice.

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