Texas for Strong Borders Releases Third and Final List of Priority Bills

Texans for Strong Border released our third and final list of priority legislation this week. Here are the bills we are watching:

Protect Texas Public Schools: The following bills would protect Texas public schools from being forced to continue to fund the free public education of illegal aliens.

  • HB 4668 and SB 923 by Representative Ben Bumgarner and Senator Drew Springer

Notable Supplementary Legislation: The following bills do not meet a TFSB legislative priority per se but would effectively aid us in the fight to end illegal immigration in the state of Texas.

  • HB 1491 by Representative Brian Harrison – Affords Texas Law Enforcement the Power to Remove Illegal Aliens under Title 42 so long as any of the following three remain in place: 
    • the Federal COVID-19 Disaster Declaration;
    • Federal COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement; or 
    • DoS Travel Warnings for Countries in which Individuals are Illegally Originating from
  • HB 1600 by Representative Cole Hefner – Cites Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution; Classifies Illegal Entry into Texas as a Third Degree Felony
  • HB 5000 by Representative Stan Kitzman – Classifies Operating a Child-Care Center for Minors in the State Illegally as a State Jail Felony

To view our full legislative priorities report that was published before the legislative session: CLICK HERE.

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