Texans for Strong Borders Releases Second List of Priority Bills

Texans for Strong Border released our second list of priority legislation this week. Here are the bills we are watching:

Finish President Trump’s Border Wall: The following bills would finish President Donald Trump’s border wall to fortify the Texas Border with a physical barrier. 

  • HB 209 and SB 1481 by Representative Bryan Slaton and Senator Brandon Creighton

End Birthright Citizenship: The following bill would end birthright citizenship and put a stop to encouraging illegal immigration through birth tourism. 

  • HB 3612 by Representative Steve Toth

Tax Remittances to Foreign Nations: The following bill would impose a tax on remittances to foreign nations to disincentivize wealth transfers out of Texas.

  • HB 4743 by Representative Tony Tinderholt

The final release of our priority bills for this 88th legislative session will be tomorrow. Stay tuned!

To view our full legislative priorities report that was published before the legislative session: CLICK HERE.

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