GOP Stands Firm: No Ukraine Funding Without Border Security

The GOP is finally taking a stand against the relentless demands from the left and so-called Republicans by refusing to entertain funding for Ukraine until the border crisis is adequately addressed. Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) has emerged as a vocal leader in this stance, emphasizing that Senate Republicans will not waver on their commitment to securing the nation’s borders. This is not the first time he has led on the issue. He offered an amendment during the debt ceiling negotiations earlier this year that would have added the entirety of the House-passed HR 2 to the bill, a move that was supported by all, but one, Republican senator.

The senator has made it clear that funding for Ukraine will not see the light of day until the urgent issues plaguing our borders are effectively dealt with. Marshall asserted that if the left wants to bundle unrelated matters together, so be it, but funding for foreign nations will not happen until the glaring domestic issue is resolved.

Recent discussions have revolved around a comprehensive funding package for both Israel and Ukraine, with Ukrainian President Zelensky making a personal appeal for increased financial support during his visit to Washington. However, Republicans are wisely leveraging Democrat policies to ensure their priorities take center stage.

By linking critical funding decisions to resolving domestic issues, we are making it clear that international pressures will not sway them, until the stability of the American people is adequately addressed.

The call to action is clear: Republicans must stand united and unwavering in their demand for nothing less than the prioritization of HR 2, a crucial piece of legislation addressing the pressing border security concerns. The GOP possesses the leverage needed to achieve this goal, and the time to capitalize on this advantage is now.

At the forefront of these concerns is the ongoing invasion threatening the state of Texas. The GOP contends that addressing this issue to its fullest extent is not just a priority but an imperative. By refusing to compromise on funding for foreign nations until the border crisis is effectively managed, Republicans are showing leadership, but they must hold firm. Just this year, several similar stands failed without any significant victories.

Senator Roger Marshall and his fellow Republicans are taking a principled stand, using their leverage to ensure domestic issues are given the attention and resources they deserve. The American people should signal their unwavering support for this move and demand that our leaders refuse to let up until substantive border security measures are included in the deal. The time is ripe for Republicans to seize this opportunity and secure the safety of our nation by demanding nothing less than the full extent of HR 2.

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