Weekly Newsletter – April 14th

Welcome to your weekly Texans for Strong Borders newsletter. Here’s everything you need to know about the fight to end illegal immigration in the state of Texas:

TFSB Testifies in Favor of HB 20, the Border Unit Protection Act

On Wednesday, TFSB Senior Counselor RJ Hauman testified in favor of HB 20 by Representative Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler). This bill is one of House Speaker Dade Phelan’s top priorities this legislative session and was not filed until the day of the filing deadline.

In response to its original filing, Texans for Strong Borders released a joint statement with Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) calling on Representative Schaefer to make the bill stronger by striking language that made the legislation beholden to federal statute and limited the type of illegal aliens the state would be able to deport if the bill was passed.

Before the hearing convened on Wednesday, Representative Shaefer released a revised version of HB 20, making this legislation much stronger and gained our support, hence our testimony in strong favor of the bill.

You can see Hauman’s testimony here:

TFSB Testifies in Favor of SB 1621, Mandatory E-Verify for All

Eight states have already passed mandatory E-Verify for All, with Iowa and Florida actively working to do the same. Finally, Texas is also following suit. Tuesday, the strongest E-Verify bill in the Texas legislature, Senator Kolkhorst’s SB 1621 was heard by the Senate committee on Business & Commerce. Note, this is a companion to HB 3846 by Rep. Toth in the House.

SB 1621 would add to the list of employers in Texas who would be required to use E-Verify including state employers and government contractors to local entities such as junior colleges, school districts, municipalities, political subdivisions, etc. and all private employers.

We need to turn off the jobs magnets that attract illegal aliens to Texas, and put Texans first by getting SB 1621 to the Governor’s desk.

RJ Hauaman testified in front of the Senate Committee on Business & Commerce in favor of SB 1621. 

You can view his testimony here:

CBP One App’s Expansion Leads to (More) Open Borders

In January of last year, the Biden Administration announced it would be adding an unprecedented and unlawful feature to Customs and Borders Patrol’s web application, “CBP One”. Formerly used for minor occurrences that take place of processing papers, passports, visas, etc. The Biden Administration unilaterally added a feature to the app that allows would-be illegal aliens to apply for a “humanitarian exception” to bypass the enforcement of Title 42.

With the click of a button, 99% of those applying for this “humanitarian exception” are receiving a notification that their exception has been granted. 99 percent. 

Meanwhile, just yesterday, the Biden Administration and Joe himself announced that they will be extending Medicaid to dreamers.

This is further confirmation that the Federal Government is not only complicit in the Border Crisis but is also exacerbating it. The Biden Administration is consistently negligent in its duties to secure our southern border and protect Americans from the fiscal burden and crime flooding our state.

If the Federal Government will not do its job to secure the border, Texas MUST step up and do the job for them.

This has been your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Thank you for reading, Patriot.

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