Weekly Newsletter – August 16th

Cold War at the Texas Border Puts Texas and Abbott in the Driver’s Seat to Win

There is an emerging cold war at the Texas Border, where an endless game of cat and mouse is playing out between Operation Lone Star and Border Patrol. Texans don’t have time for the stunts, theatrics, and scenes if it means even one more invader crossing into Texas illegally. We need action. Instead of telling Joe Biden he’ll see him in court, Gov. Greg Abbott needs to meet him at the Rio Grande.

Cheshire: Defending the Texas Border Means Defying Joe Biden

Mexico President: Texas Needs to Allow Their State to be Invaded by Our Country

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has once again made headlines due to his response to Texas’s actions at our southwest border with their country, labeling them inhumane and falsely attributing the deaths of two in the Rio Grande to the water buoys erected in the river. AMLO is essentially calling every Texan who supports border enforcement and opposes illegal immigration harsh and cruel people, simply for wanting their needs to be met in their own country and state

Furthermore, AMLO recently commended illegal immigration into America, stating that “If the United States is a great nation, it has been because of migrants”—a viewpoint Texans for Strong Borders fundamentally disagrees with. Strong Borders maintains that negative consequences such as crime, strain on public services, job competition, and disruption of American life underscore the detrimental impact of illegal immigration, exacerbating the nation’s challenges and hindering the realization of the American dream for its rightful recipients—Americans.

AMLO Wants Texas to be Invaded

Armed Invader Seen Near Border Barrier Buoys

In Eagle Pass, a DPS drone operator recently spotted an armed individual, carrying what appeared to be an AR-style firearm, leading a group of individuals across the border. The incident occurred near a segment of the floating buoy barriers, in close proximity to Shelby Park. Previously under Operation Lone Star, those who crossed illegally at this same location were charged with trespassing. 

This was made possible by a long-standing agreement between the city and Texas, which designated the park as private property, enabling the state to take action against unauthorized presence. Unfortunately, there has been a negative shift as the Mayor of Eagle Pass decided to revoke this agreement. Consequently, the armed individual crossed into Texas and onto Shelby Park property before he returned to Mexico, without facing a single charge.

Smuggler Illegally Walks Right into Texas and Back to Mexico 

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