Weekly Newsletter – March 10th

Welcome to the TFSB weekly newsletter. Here’s everything you need to know about the ongoing fight to end illegal immigration:

The Filing Deadline is Tonight and Border Security Bills are Being Filed Left and Right

In June, at the Texas GOP State Convention, thousands of delegates gathered to make their voices heard so that during this legislative session our leaders in the Texas House and Senate would listen…

It seems that in the waning days before the filing deadline a few have taken the call to do so.

As Texas Republicans determined “Secure the Border and Protect Texans” to be their NUMBER 2 legislative priority for this session, some Republican legislators have been busy filing bills in line with this priority. These bills find themselves to be within TFSB’s legislative priorities as well:

  • SCR 23, HB 4368, HB 1600, HCR 78, and HCR 79 to Repel the Invasion at the Texas Border
  • SB 1621 and HB 3846 to mandate E-Verify for all public and private entities in the State of Texas
  • HB 859 and HB 3280 to End In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens and even HB 4736 that would Bar Illegal Aliens from Being Admitted into Texas Institutions of Higher Education altogether
  • HB 209 and SB 1481 to Finish the Texas Border Wall
  • HB 3612 to End Birthright Citizenship in the State of Texas
  • HB 4743 would put a Ten Percent Tax on All Remittances sent to Foreign Nations from those in the State of Texas
  • SB 923 and HB 4668 to Stop Funding Public Education for Illegal Aliens in the State of Texas

*Note, more bills are in the process of being filed that could align with our priorities.

We look forward to working with you, Texas Patriots, to make sure these bills are referred to a committee, earn a hearing, make their way to the floor, see passage, and are pushed to the Governor’s desk to be signed.

These next few weeks will be crunch time and TFSB will be here every step of the way fighting for you against the Open Borders Cartel!

Tony Gonzales Censured by Texas GOP 

Last Saturday, March 4th, the Republican Party of Texas decided they had finally seen enough and went ahead and voted to officially censure Congressman Tony Gonzales (R – San Antonio) after several instances of Gonzalez demonstrating his unfaithfulness to the Republican party platform. 

This action comes weeks after more than half of the counties in Gonzales’ district passed resolutions to encourage the State Republican Executive Committee to officially censure the two term congressman.

The resolution passed with an astounding 57 votes in favor of the censure.  

As a result…you can read the rest of this article on our website HERE.

Texas Was the First to Make the DREAM Act a Reality, Let’s Be the First to Make it a Fantasy

In 2001, Texas became the FIRST state to give taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

During the 2021 legislative session, two Representatives, Jeff Cason and Bryan Slaton, filed a bill to rescind this handout but the measure failed to gain traction.

Now, with an increased awareness of the danger that our open border is causing Texans, lawmakers may again be looking to end the practice.

Texas, like the rest of the nation, is a welfare state.

We should be in the business of removing incentives for crossing the border, not creating or growing them.

Even more so, a recent poll of likely Republican primary revealed 75% of Republicans want to repeal the DREAM Act and end in-state tuition for illegal aliens

State Representative Terri Leo-Wilson’s HB 3280 is the perfect opportunity for conservatives to put their money where their mouths have been.

It’s time to end in-state tuition for illegal aliens

Read TFSB President Chris Russo’s recent Op-Ed in Texas Scorecard on this issue: COMMENTARY: Texas Must Repeal In-state Tuition for Illegal Aliens

The Open Borders Cartel is Hard at Work…

We mention the phrase ‘Open Borders Cartel’ often, but what does that mean exactly? 

It means every member of the political establishment, bureaucratic state, NGOs, and corporate world explicitly or subversively pushing for mass immigration (illegal and legal), open borders, and legislative action at the state and federal level that would entice more would-be illegal entrants to make their way to America. In the end, making the issue worse to put another dollar in their pocket, or further their agenda and earn political points.

In the last few weeks, members of the Open Borders Cartel in the Texas House have outed themselves by authoring legislation that fits the aforementioned profile.

From left to right:

  • Rep. Gene Wu (D-Houston) has openly opposed SB 147, as he wants foreign nationals owning Texas land. Conversely, TFSB has continuously called for the bill to be made stronger than it already is by adding provisions that include all foreign nationals and include illegal aliens as well.
  • Rep. Ramon Romero (D-Fort Worth) authored HB 1869 which mirrors legislation recently passed in Minnesota that would put a drivers license in the hand of every illegal alien in Texas above the age of sixteen.
  • Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) authored HB 1454 to fully repeal the Ban on Sanctuary Cities in the state of Texas, which was passed only a few sessions ago.

Texans for Strong Borders is On the Move

TFSB President Chris Russo wrote an Op-Ed this week for Texas Scorecard, making the case for our legislative priority of “Finishing the Texas Border Wall” that can be read HERE.

Russo was also interviewed on KSAT Radio out of San Antonio, joining the Jack Riccardi show to talk about Senator Kolkhorst’s SCR 23 and how Texas can repel the Invasion at our Border from a constitutional standpoint.

Lastly, Russo visited the Capitol to advocate on behalf of the common-sense majority of Texans, like you, who want to secure the border and see every illegal alien in our state deported. He was able to talk to Senator Kolkhorst, Representative Bumgarner, and Senator Creighton (not pictured). With the filing deadline today our work this session has only just begun!

Next week, Russo will be speaking to the True Texas Project in College Station on March 14th at 6:30pm and to the Republican Network of Galveston County in League City on March 16th at 7pm.

This has been your weekly Texans for Strong Borders Newsletter. Thank you for reading, Patriot!

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